Let the Ninth Day be a Day of Rest….and it will be Good

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After 8 days and about 950kms later, we are enjoying a non-cycling day in Cranbrook. A day off from bike touring is remarkably similar to a day off from work when you’re at home. Laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping, meal prep for the week and paperwork are all on the agenda. As you can see, we are catching up on our blogs and keeping connected with the world. We treated our bikes to a check over at Gerrick’s bike shop, and then treated ourselves to massages from Allison, the owner of New Energy Wellness (believe me, we needed both energy and wellness). On a long trip like this, it’s important to keep your equipment – both mechanical and biological – in top notch running order. Just knowing they didn’t have to get on a saddle today, my cheeks were smiling – and I don’t mean the ones on my face. I was recommended a good ladies chamois cream with a tingling, numbing agent in it – first it tickles, then you can forget where your butt has been. For those of you who don’t cycle or haven’t done multiple day tours, chamois cream is like diaper rash cream for adults.
Breakfast was at everyone’s favourite grand slam restaurant – Denny’s. Patrick was over the moon that he could order off the senior’s menu for the first time ever. It really burst his bubble when he realized he wouldn’t be carded, and that pretty much anyone could be  served from this menu.

A proud senior moment

A proud senior moment


Terry has been whipping up a turkey chili in our crock pot, for those nights we only have energy to push buttons on the microwave. Al has been loading pictures from about twelve different devices (cameras, iphones) onto the laptop so we can get them on the website. Today was the first real day I had time to get organized. After arm-wrestling over drawer space (kidding), I spent quite a bit of time ditching a schwack (technical term used in RVing) of clothes for Patrick to take home since:
(4 adults in a motorhome / Limited space) x mad rush in the morning to get ready = lost undies and socks
I questioned what to pack for 10 weeks, but I’ve quickly realized that being “one of the boys” means that I don’t need a smashing wardrobe, and can wear the same stuff over and over, as long as I don’t smell too bad.

In the evening, we had a big powwow to debrief about the first section of the trip, and the logistics once Patrick leaves with our second support vehicle when we reach Lethbridge (sigh). We are all grateful that the great big hills are behind us for the time being, and are looking forward to the next section of our journey.

I’ve still been having  slow WiFi, we’re trying to get caught up with the blogs  – thanks for your patience.

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4 thoughts on “Let the Ninth Day be a Day of Rest….and it will be Good

  1. Sue: I finally got a chance to read all the updates from the beginning of your trip. I will let everyone at work know of the amazing journey you have had so far. I love the blog and I will be sure to check in regularly. We are so proud of you Sue! This is an amazing thing that you and your group are doing! I wish you all well as you continue to raise awareness and hope on mental health issues. Thanks for all of us in Canada Place.

  2. Nearly two weeks on the road! WOW!

    Another concert tonight! Just thought I’d let you know that Kelly Paul started her run on Friday in the pouring rain … spirits high … and tremendous community support from native communities.

    I follow you every day.

    Be well!!!

  3. I can’t believe the mileage you’re putting in per day. My butt is sore just thinking about it!!
    Enjoy your much deserved rest day. Thank goodness for chamois butter 🙂


  4. Hi Sue My body hurts just thinking of your ride. I am glad you are doing well
    and our prayers are with all of you for this amazing trip. Our hope is that many
    people will become aware of what all of you are trying to achieve. This in turn
    will cause awareness and understanding.
    Love Ric and Urs

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