Working Together, But For Different Causes

The team are currently resting near Thunder Bay, in Ontario, after a week that saw them enter their fifth province, and fourth timezone.

It’s also been a week where the team have met up with other cyclists who are doing cross-Canadian trips this summer for their own causes, which was the topic of conversation when Bill checked in for his weekly CJSR, Edmonton, update:

Bob Wilson and Brian Godfrey, friends from Nanaimo, are riding together, but for two different causes. Bob is riding in support of the Travellers Lodge Foundation in Nanaimo and the new Eden facility they are building, whilst Brian is raising funds for BC’s Childrens Hospital.

Both are also maintaining their own blogs, which give a different view of our travelling troupe, since they met up again on Tuesday:

Kilderic Moroy has also been a common riding partner this week. He is riding across the country to encourage Canadian’s to Be The Change with respect to environmental actions. You can pledge to make a change to support his effort.

Bill also talks about the Heliset Hale Marathon. They are running the length of Vancouver Island for suicide prevention, especially in aboriginal communities, where suicide rates in youth are 5-6 times higher compared with non-aboriginal youth. You can follow their journey on their facebook page.
It’s good to know there are so many inspiring Canadians working in every community to better our lives and for those who will come after us.

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