A Superior Day

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Day 36 June 12 Wednesday

Wawa to Montreal River Harbour


We had a great start this morning. There was still major fog to greet us as we shuttled forward. We were headed almost due south today, at times quite close to Lake Superior, in fact most of the day was spent cycling through Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Before the Hill

Before the Hill

After the Hill

After the Hill

For the first couple of hours, there was cold fog or low cloud, it could have been either. Then, very suddenly as we came up a hill, the mist disappeared and bright sunshine and blue skies appeared. It felt like the temperature changed about 15 degrees in the span of a minute. And after climbing we were all suddenly sweating like mad, and stopped to peel off some layers.

We were treated to spectacular views of Lake Superior, which is the largest lake in the world. It is so big it can create its own weather systems. There was one view point that was particularly breath-taking, because there was a misty cloud low over the water.

We arrived at the RV site at about 1:30 pm, ready for lunch. And we found the elusive “chip truck” that Al and Bill had been coveting for the last week at least. Every time they found one, it was either closed (permanently), or it was too early or too late to be open. And it was the only food place in Montreal River Harbour, which is essentially the Twilight Resort and RV park.

Randy, who was manning the park for his brother, told us that when Terry Fox was coming through Ontario, the hill right before the park was the one he was worried about being able to do as he crossed Ontario. We were very relieved to know that we only had to go down it, not up it.


Bill and Terry take in the view

Bill and Terry take in the view

Terry and Brian did more mileage again today, due to the unexpected fantastic weather, and to get a jump on tomorrow’s ride. They are now insisting they are “Stud Muffins” for doing the extra distance two days in a row, and want to be addressed as such.  I did some extra miles today too, but not as long as them. So maybe they’ll have to call me the “Stud Muffette”, instead of Princess, which rings of some diva-like qualities that I definitely don’t exhibit – I have not used a hair dryer for the whole trip, and make-up is futile.

IMG_0390We are having dinner in the RV tonight, out of necessity, unless we wanted more fries and hot dogs (can’t do that twice in one day). So we dug in the freezer and found a ready-made meal , thanks again to Terry, and will have a late dinner as we all wanted to walk on the beach while the sun was still up.

IMG_0388I offered a 15 min neck and shoulder massage to anyone who could fix my bike computer, as it has not been recording my speed or distance for several days now. I have fiddled with it to the limits of my ability. Bob took on the challenge, but was not able to fix it either, so I will continue to ride “blind” until I get to a Sault Ste. Marie bike shop. There is enough technology around between all of us that I can always find out where I am and how far I’ve gone.

It was a lovely evening, but we mostly sat inside because the little buzzers were lined up at the screen door waiting to jump us.

Let us in for dinner too!

Let us in for dinner too!

Notice I am using the double “z” instead of double “g” word to keep this at a family rating.

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3 thoughts on “A Superior Day

  1. You three are amazing, I love your posts Sue, you are doing an excellent job keeping us posted and up to date. Not to mention the amazing cycling you are doing. So glad you decided to blog, thanks. We miss you and I know Patrick misses you. I love some of the pictures you have been sharing, keep sharing them:) Hopefully the “buzzers” will start to get better. Chat soon. All of you should be so proud.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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