The riders are off

The Pacific Ocean

The riders (Sue Sohnle, Terry Fannon, Bill Werthmann) dip their bikes in the Pacific Ocean as they start their trans-Canada ride on the tenth anniversary of Hillary Werthmann’s death due to mental illness.

Just a quick update from the families who have just waved off their loved ones on this ride:

At about 8:45 this morning we waved off the cyclists from Mile ‘0’ in Victoria. They were heading to the ferry at Swartz Bay which will take them to Tsawwassen, before riding to their first campground in Aldergrove.

Today is the tenth year since Hillary’s passing. The emotions ran high, as we waved them off, and were thankful for the warmth that the residents of Victoria have extended in the last few days as the final preparations were made.

We understand they’ve just arrived at the ferry terminal (we’re watching, as you can, to their current location thanks to their SPOT tracker).

4 thoughts on “The riders are off

  1. Glad to hear that they are on their way. Post a few photo’s when you can. A photo of the RV would be nice as well. Blessings on your journey.

  2. Checking in daily to see your progress…Keep safe and rest often…waiting for the first blog on the road. Good luck tomorrow in Kelowna

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