Day 12: Fort MacLeod to Taber (Lethbridge concert)

Day 12 - The Leth-Bridge Click for more photos from this day

Day 12 – Leth-Bridge
Click the image for more photos from this day

We parked the RV in Lethbridge for 2 nights, so shuttled back to Ft MacL to join up with the Hash and son-in-laws Peter and Jason. After lunch I got the afternoon off to get organized. Hah!

Click on for photos from day 12 – Fort Macleod to Taber, via Lethbridge (and concert at the Slice in Lethbridge)

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3 thoughts on “Day 12: Fort MacLeod to Taber (Lethbridge concert)

  1. Ahhhh friendly Manitoba… home! Enjoy the small town statues and the gentle breeze! I wish you sunny, cool weather along the way. Watching and reading your blogs along the journey.

  2. What you are doing is awesome I agree we are loosing way to many young kids and young adults to mental illness and suicides. I lost my son to suicide at the age of 27. He suffered from bi polar. He got turned away from four different clinics and a hospital the week of his suicide. The one year date is coming up June 21st 2013. I want to do something so my son didn’t die in vain. We were very close and he was all for me going out west to live. So u came right through Fort MacLeod I live just north west by the footbills.I will be in Manitoba on the 21st of June. I m guessing the pain is just as strong 10 years later.we have to push the government to do more get a lot more awareness out there. Please let me know how to cope on days where I would like to just sleep but without the dreams. My son cut his one arm up and bled to death. My son had the manic highs very few down time. Nobody let me know the last week he was really down it was bad but I know he didn’t want me to know. He loved me I was just so thankful that his dog didn’t leave his side and she alerted the neighbour by barking. There are days I can’t believe he has been gone for almost a year. I wish you so many prayers for what you ade doing for strength and courage also peace. God be with you all.♥

  3. Thank you for posting the photos! Looks a little crowded in the motor home! Good thing you’re all getting along so well! Big hugs to you all.

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