Atlantic Attention

With only a handful more days of cycling before the riders make it all the way across Canada, the ride and the fundraising events have been garnering a lot of attention. Here is a summary of some of the recent media:

CTV Morning Live, Atlantic

Bill was interviewed on CTV Morning Live Atlantic, a multi-provincial show based in Halifax, this morning. You can watch the whole interview on their website.

News 95.7, Halifax

The Maritime Morning Weekend Edition interviewed Bill’s wife, Betty jo Werthmann on Sunday July 7, hours before she was reunited with her husband after nearly 2 months of being apart, since the riders passed through Southern Alberta.

Skip about two-thirds of the way through the first hour of this show to hear the interview.

The Guardian, P.E.I.

Organizers said they hope the ride not only raises funds but also public awareness about depression, suicide and other mental health issues.

Prince Edward Island’s, The Guardian newspaper covers the ride’s Charlottetown afternoon show.

United Way, Central New Brunswick

On the central New Brunswick’s chapter of the United Way’s blog, they very kindly wrote up their experience with the Fredericton fundraiser:

I was blown away by two things last night: the first was the talent of the artists on stage, the second was the love and support for Hillary, her story and her legacy.

Read the full blog post.

CKUA Radio, Alberta

Andy Donnelly, host of the Friday night Celtic Show on CKUA in Alberta had Bill on the show again on Friday. Let us know if you have a recording of the show.

A Song for the ride from Medicine Hat, Alberta

Ali Sellin was one of the performers at the event held in Medicine Hat, Alta. Here is the song she wrote and performed especially for the ride at the event:

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