Whipping us into shape….

Before we head out to Victoria to start our adventure, I need to recognize those who have helped me prepare my body for the ride. My key concern has been to strengthen any vulnerable areas, to prevent injuries, so I enlisted a couple of experts.


Before the workout

Bill and I have been working with our trainer, Kevin Dunsing, at the Kinsmen Sports Centre since last fall. He has been kicking our butts, and I mean that as a huge compliment. We have both seen improvement in our fitness levels and strength, and we can’t wait to see how that translates onto the bike. Kevin has been so patient working with us, encouraging and motivating us, each at our own level. Plus, he distracts us with stories and jokes when the going gets tough. Too bad we can’t bring him along!
A big thank you to Gary Dewar at the City of Edmonton for donating annual fitness passes so we could work out at city facilities to prepare. This was especially important for us, as it is almost May and as I write this there is snow on the ground (again) – sigh!

After the workout

After the workout

I would also like to give a shout out to my massage therapist, Davina Warrener, at the Active Life Centre in St. Albert. She’s done a great job of assessing my muscular fitness, and keeping me loose and flexible as I train. She is like a detective, following clues to figure out what imbalances are occurring and what we need to do to fix them. Plus she is a fascinating young woman!
I will miss them both dearly on the ride.