Why am I doing this ride?

Biking for Hillary

The riders gather their thoughts at Hillary’s tree. Bill Werthmann, Sue Sohnle and Terry Fannon.

When Bill told me about his plan to ride a bike across Canada, I thought, “I’ve always wanted to ride across Canada and what better time to do this, with Bill!” As I have learned why Bill wants to complete this ride, as a tribute to his daughter, Hillary, I have become quite happy to support Bill’s tribute to Hillary.

Immediately after I said “Yes, I want to join you” I wondered if I could actually pedal across the country. After a year of training, I have become convinced that we can do this.  And while demonstrating a tribute and love for Hillary, we can raise funds to support agencies that help Canadians who are struggling with depression. I hope you will join us to celebrate Hillary’s life and support what this ride stands for.

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