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32' Class C Winnebago

32′ Class C Winnebago
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I am Al Carlson, a long time member (17 years) of EBTC (Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club). I am the support driver for Hillary’s Ride on our 68 day adventure across Canada. How did I get involved I’ve been asked many times. Well, I’ve know Sue and Patrick for about 15 years, in fact Patrick & I were both support drivers on the Columbia Valley Tour at that time. Patrick taught me everything he knew about how to take care of riders, what needs to be done, and what not to do.
Sue had told me about wanting to ride across Canada, and two years ago I met Terry on Sunday morning Target the Tour rides. He mentioned wanting to ride across Canada too, and every week he’d show up on a different bike to try out. We rode many Sunday’s together. Then last spring I mentioned I knew somebody else who was riding across Canada, and he asked who. I said Sue Sohnle, and he said I’m going with her.
Then last June Sue, Patrick and Terry were out for the Two Hills ride, and brought along Bill who was out for his first 100 km ride. Bill started out strong, but later started to fall back, so I stayed back with him to keep him company with Patrick & Sue. We talked about the ride, and at one point I asked what his biggest problem was. I expected the answer to be funds, but he said finding a driver. I thought about it, and figured I could do that as I was planning on retiring soon. So here I am.
What a great opportunity to see the whole 10 provinces at a slower than normal pace, and throw in a few concerts – wow. I was thinking about a blog, but Sue is doing a great job with perhaps some help from the rest of us. I’ll start posting pictures on Picasa as I’m comfortable with that, and I’m told I can put in a link to Picasa to make it easier for you people. As everybody knows beautiful BC, we’ll skip over BC for now.

4 thoughts on “Support Driver – Al (RV is Home)

  1. Thanks for sharing that story Al….I know that Bill, Sue and Terry will be safe with you watching over them.

  2. Hi Al: I was so pleased when I heard you were their support driver; they couldn’t get anyone better – for your reliability, picture taking skills and darn good nature:) But…Sue just let out of the bag that you’d got quite the reckless streak when it comes to junk food 🙂 I was pleased to hear that too. You can never have too much chocolate. Safe travels.


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