Hitting Walls – Together

“I’ve hit a wall.”

Who hasn’t used that expression? Maybe toward the end of a running race when you were physically spent, or when inspiration left you with a few hundred words still to write in a dissertation, or maybe when your dark thoughts refuse to leave you, emotionally draining you.

Hillary’s Ride is all about allowing us to open up about our mental “walls”, seek the help we need, and reduce the stigma around that; we’re trying to build a community with our personal walls.

As a board we knew that each team member would at some point hit a wall, and we wanted to help them through it.

So we did what people do these days. We made a video for them. We hope you find inspiration from it too:

Thanks to Holly Mazur and her friends, Rory Fidler and Kyle Ball, for filming and editing. And thanks to Donna Wiznura and Randy Zutter for the idea and co-ordination of the filming.

2 thoughts on “Hitting Walls – Together

  1. that is an amazing video…..I join all of them in saying how inspirational you all are. Can’t wait till you get back and we get to hear all the stories.

  2. What a wonderful video! We are so inspired by the spirit of everyone on this adventure. Our hearts are with you on this amazing journey.
    Margaret and Wes

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