A year after the start of the ride; 11 years since losing Hillary

A message from Hillary’s dad…

1 year ago I was in Victoria with my family and a few friends about to embark on our cross Canada bike trip.

Today marks 11 years since we lost Hillary.

Betty jo and I went down to visit her tree last night and noticed how the the little scar that the deer chewed into the trunk several years ago has developed into a big hole in the bark exposing the inside of the tree. I think that somehow reflects how the scar that Hillary’s death left on us has somehow exposed our insides as well and like the tree, we have somehow found a way to grow.

I am so proud of how we as a family and a community have moved forward and, in Hillary’s name, done some thing to help make a difference. People talk now more openly about mental health and the stigma is starting to go away. With efforts like Clara Hughes’ and many others moving into the future, I know that together we can make a difference.

As usual friends, I ask you to keep Hillary in your thoughts today and do something nice for a stranger.

“Love is all you need”

Bill, Betty jo and the rest of Hillary’s family
Much Love