May 8th is coming fast!

Wed bikeIt has been a busy year – Patrick and I got married, had a couple of wedding parties, honeymooned in the South Pacific, and of course through it all we have been preparing for Hillary’s Ride.

Although we have been planning this for well over a year and a half, it has only just started feeling “real”. Sometimes it hits me – I’m cycling across Canada! – and I am overcome with a flood of feelings. Fear for one, as I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.  Adrenaline for another, as the concerts are planned, the charities contacted, and the fundraising tickets sold. But more than anything else, I feel honoured – to be part of the tribute to Hillary’s life, to dedicate two and a half months to a cause I feel passionate about, and to see first-hand the strength and dedication that a family can nurture despite a devastating loss.

We will be charting our journey on this blog over the coming months, and I hope you will follow along. Let the adventure begin!

2 thoughts on “May 8th is coming fast!

  1. Hey Sue! I am so proud of you and the others taking on this challenge! It is truly amazing to realize such a positive outcome from something so devastating. Count me in for the April 20th event.

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