Sue’s in the Soo – and the boys are too!

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Day 37 June 13 Thursday

Montreal River Harbour to Sault Ste. Marie

Last night before bed, we all caught the sunset over the lake. And I discovered the damage that black flies can do, especially if they hang out in your long hair.

Black flies are nasty

Black flies are nasty

But I consider it a badge of honour, a war wound that you must have to say you truly experienced Northern Ontario. But I’d rather not get anymore……wishful thinking.

Today was sunny and warm, and we again took advantage of the extra distance Terry and Brian did. We shuttled to our revised start point in the Mother Ship (the new nickname for the RV), which skipped a lot of hilly terrain. We stopped for a while at a neat artisans market area so Bill could do his weekly interview with CJSR. We didn’t get too far beyond that before Bob and Brian stopped for breakfast #2, which they often did. This time, Bill and I joined them, however we treated it as early lunch instead. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Dave and John

Dave and John

And we had a chance to talk to some locals, Dave and John, about the ride and mental health, so it was a valuable stop. Any time we get a chance to spread the word is worth the stop.

The rest of the day was pretty nice, gently rolling hills except for “Mile Hill”, aptly named and not far from the KOA campground, our home for the next two nights.IMG_0397 It is a gorgeous spot with top notch facilities, lots of trees and gardens, and the owners Joan and Bill and their staff are so friendly and helpful. Brian and Terry did their now customary extra mileage, and checked out the bike shop for appointments the next day. We rented a car again for the next day, and Enterprise gave us a phenomenal deal,

stuffed in the trunk of a car

stuffed in the trunk of a car

but they only had one that seated five, and there are six of us. So lucky it was a hatchback, because that is where I rode to and from the restaurant that night, and to our ice cream stop for dessert. IMG_0402I just hoped no one saw me getting in or out!

Al and I went on a mosquito seek and destroy mission before bed. The mosquitoes were much rarer in this urban area, however we had imported quite a few with us from the night before and the trip today.  I hunted them down, and Al whacked them, with wet cloth in hand to clean up after those that had already feasted on us. I’m sure we killed over 30, and that is a conservative estimate. But it did mean we all had a much more peaceful sleep.

See more photos from day 37.

Day 38 June 14 Friday

Day off in Sault Ste. Marie

I’m not sure when anyone else got up, but I had a wonderful sleep-in this morning until 8:30. We got to work doing laundry, some cleaning and Bill and Terry whipped up a gourmet breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. It is such a treat when we have time for a hearty, leisurely breakfast, we are usually busy trying to get out on the road and eating quickly.  Brian, Bob and I took a ride into town to drop off our bikes for various bits of work. We took the “scenic” route, which in bike terms usually means taking a longer route, and up and down hills, and this fit the bill.  But it was worth it, and we got to Velorution Cycle via lovely back roads, and ran into Derick there.  Bill picked us up, ran a few errands where we again came across Kaitlyn and Emily (this is getting spooky), and then came back to the campground to pick up Al and drop me off.

IMG_0406The boys went grocery shopping, Terry made chili and had a nap, and I took full advantage of the refreshing pool at the KOA. I felt like I was on a “real” vacation, you know, the kind where you rest and relax! It was the first day off where I really felt like I truly renewed myself. I even caught a little sun, to lighten the cyclist tan I have on my arms and legs.

IMG_0407The boys got back with a lunch of sorts – they stopped at a chip truck (surprise, surprise), so it was fries for everyone.

We needed to return our rental car and pick up our bikes from the shop, so we took the long way there to get a look at the International Bridge, and the waterfront near downtown. Again, one more location for the “come visit again” list, which is already looking like a three week trip, and I’m only half way across the country! At the bike shop, I was disappointed to find out that my bike computer is probably shot. I think it’s a wiring problem, so I’ll have to get a new wireless one once I get to Ottawa. I didn’t have time to get them to replace it here before we left.

IMG_0408We had a fantastic barbequed dinner tonight, including some steak and scampi from M&M meats, and salads and cheese bread. Brian even bought a bottle of red wine to share, so it felt like dinner out – and absolutely delicious, complete with brownies for dessert. We cleaned our plates without guilt, knowing we would burn it off in no time.

Bill had his Friday night interview with CKUA, which went well but the cell phone coverage was not great.  We had some choices for routes tomorrow, so after some discussion we made some decisions for an alternate route. It’s “on the road again”…….

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6 thoughts on “Sue’s in the Soo – and the boys are too!

  1. Sue, You are getting close to my home town of Elliot Lake, wave as you go by tomorrow. The lakes are gorgeous there, real cottage country but the black flies are relentless as you have discovered. Keep on pedalling and spreading the word, you are my hero!

  2. Sounds like it was a well-deserved rest day & a lovely meal (w/wine) to top it all off – ahhhhhhh. See, I am there with you…. 🙂 . Thanks for the blogs & keep up the good work, all of you!

    – Randy & Jane

  3. Hey Sue,

    Good on ya Girlfriend. I’m with Inna….you’re my hero too. And I LOOOOOVE the thought of having that great big dinner, eat anything, eat it all, bring on the fries and two breakfasts, because you’ll simply burn it off in a few hours!!! On another note, It’s been raining cats and dogs here, so we’ve been taking care to not step into any poodles…………GAR! GAR! GAR!. There’s a joke for the road. I can’t imagine what it’s like to bike long distances in crummy weather.
    I so am happy that you’re spreading the word helping people get more understanding of mental illness. It’s really with understanding that we can help empower and help one another, both the experiencers of and their families, friends and communities.
    Sending hugs your way.

  4. Hi Sue: Wow…impressive ride and story thus far! Keep up the good work!! I guess the worst thing about Canada in the summer is the flies and/or mosquitoes. I don’t imagine you will get a reprieve until after you are done. Congratulations on everything you have done 🙂

  5. Sue,
    It’s exciting to see you getting closer to us – I hope the roads are a bit less hilly for you – compared with what you had to ride along Superior!
    We hope to see you Saturday – be careful with paving construction east of Tweed turnoff on hwy 7.
    Your satellite feedback keeps me smiling all day – your hard work is so inspirational – we don’t feel the pain you do, but it feels from your blog, that we are with you.
    Talk soon . . .

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